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Hundreds of recent studies prove the positive effect music has on every aspect of our lives, from relaxation, to entertainment, to healing. Neuroscientists prove that “music has the potential to illuminate fundamental aspects of human brain function, including language, the active nature of perception, and the processing of complex sequences that unfold in time.”

I have personally experienced the greatness of music many times and on different levels. I actually started sharing this passion with my students almost daily. As we work together in class we listen to one of the great classical composers, or we get introduced to a new kind of music and enjoy it together. One of the most enjoyable was a jazz format of Mozart’s music that was recorded in France in 1965 ( Jazzgang Amadeus Mozart – Claude Bolling). The results were tremendously positive despite the doubts some of us had at the beginning. Music started to melt in the background of the classroom, and became a natural element in class that we would all miss if not present.

Now you would ask me about the tangible results of such a technique. Well, besides the great cultural value of music we all benefited from, lessons started being far more enjoyable, positive energy and creativity filled the air, tension was dissolved, communication was smoother, and focus increased, which made understanding the lesson much easier.

Of all the great roles music has played in my life, I mentioned a very special one, where it helped me create a comfortable atmosphere in all my classes and unleash the creativity of some special young people.

What roles has music played in your lives?


Raghad Al Redha is a 15-year-old ambitious and sensitive Emarati young lady. Like a lot of people she visits touristic places and takes as many beautiful pictures as possible. But unlike a lot others, she communicates with the places she visits and the photos she takes. They whisper to her their stories and songs…

Here’s a picture Raghad took last spring in Venice, and the story it whispered to her.

Serenity is Everywhere...

“Between damaged houses, shattered lives, broken dreams, and homeless citizens, there’s always a bright side! Serenity, calmness and peace don’t only belong to isolated lands far away from ACTION! They can be found anywhere, unexpectedly.”

13-year-old Raheed Allaf is a fanciful Saudi young lady, who has crafted her own peaceful, happy, imaginary perfect world, where she would spend hours creating better and prittier realities.

Let’s enjoy together two of her poems! (Check the link too)

Don’t give up yet_Raheed Allaf



She ran, she crawled, and she walked alone,

On glass that cracked, and heaved and groaned.

Those bitter lies and tales of hope,

So quick they turn your heart to stone.

A wish, a plea, a whisper in the night,

She looked up at the stars, and prayed for a sign.

Lost in the shadows, just a face in the crowd,

Invisible to all but him, and who would notice one small sin?

This great video was sent by young Yara Khalid, who would like to share with us one of her greatest inspirations that helped her appreciate what she had and never give up!

24-year-old Australian Nick Vujicic was born with no legs and no arms. Despite his huge disability, he was able to turn a supposedly miserable life with no limbs to a wonderful inspiring life with no limits!

Thank you Yara for sharing this with us!

My heart is rejoicing, my hopes are high

Our youth is shining, the limit is the sky! 🙂

13-year-old half Emarati half Lebanese Maryam Al Qassimi is a wise, sensitive, and proud young lady, whose poetry expresses the depth of her thoughts and the maturity of her character.

This is how she proudly and confidently introduces herself: “I am thirteen years old. I’m half Lebanese half Emarati. Music is one of my passions since it has a poetic vibe that I truly admire. Writing is also my other passion. I started writing when I was about 11 years old. Today, writing poems is a hobby that I do daily. I am also an editor of the school magazine which is a great opportunity just like this one.”




Of all my years so far

I learned so much

To equalize all people

Or something as such

I learned other lessons

A lot, I can say

To respect and to give

And how special it is to forgive

Yes, I might seem wise

Even if I failed a thousand tries

Life can’t be a ready go

it can’t be perfect don’t you know?

I learned to never treat people with neglect

We should all treat them with respect

Young or old, we are all a part of humanity

And experience most of tragedy

Giving world

Can’t you see the love in their eyes?

When you have all you want

And yet they’re the ones with pride

Can’t you look deep inside your heart?

When you have everything

And their lives are falling apart

If you say we could make a change

Let’s make the change today

By helping people in each and every way

Martina Nutricato

Proud Teacher – Chapter 3

13-year-old Martina Nutricato is an extremely enthusiastic and passionate Italian young lady. She is an amazingly positive person whose eyes are always shining. She has a distinguished creative mind that gives everything around her a new dimension and a different meaning!


“All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination?” (Carl Jung)

We only celebrate and completely live our human nature when we play, let go of our fears and constraints, and set our creative imagination free. Do you think suppressing our potential, questioning our abilities and disbelieving in ourselves is a fair payback to humanity?


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