Great Minds are Young

Hats Off!

Posted on: April 27, 2011

My heart is rejoicing, my hopes are high

Our youth is shining, the limit is the sky! 🙂

13-year-old half Emarati half Lebanese Maryam Al Qassimi is a wise, sensitive, and proud young lady, whose poetry expresses the depth of her thoughts and the maturity of her character.

This is how she proudly and confidently introduces herself: “I am thirteen years old. I’m half Lebanese half Emarati. Music is one of my passions since it has a poetic vibe that I truly admire. Writing is also my other passion. I started writing when I was about 11 years old. Today, writing poems is a hobby that I do daily. I am also an editor of the school magazine which is a great opportunity just like this one.”




Of all my years so far

I learned so much

To equalize all people

Or something as such

I learned other lessons

A lot, I can say

To respect and to give

And how special it is to forgive

Yes, I might seem wise

Even if I failed a thousand tries

Life can’t be a ready go

it can’t be perfect don’t you know?

I learned to never treat people with neglect

We should all treat them with respect

Young or old, we are all a part of humanity

And experience most of tragedy

Giving world

Can’t you see the love in their eyes?

When you have all you want

And yet they’re the ones with pride

Can’t you look deep inside your heart?

When you have everything

And their lives are falling apart

If you say we could make a change

Let’s make the change today

By helping people in each and every way


24 Responses to "Hats Off!"

Excellent post thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading your blog very much because of your point of view on things. You have very useful information here.

For more great stories like this I also recommend you visit:
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Thank you for your comment:)
I’ll sure visit your site and enjoy some great stories 😉


Dear Mariam, I love your Poems; they are a lesson to every person who lost values and heart… I’m honestly speechless!!!


I can tell from you words you have such a sweet tender heart
I wish everyone can learn the lessons your trying to give the world
If everyone listens to you the world would be a better place

this has really opened my eyes ! ❤


Wow! You’re really talented and have such a kind heart! You should write more like this! 😀


I really love your poems!
Can’t wait to


Wow, amazing! your really should keep writing! 😀


Amazing I loved the poem .You are so talented and good rhyming i would love to see more of ur poems =D


Everything single word was beautifully said .
Well done !
Can’t wait for more .


Those poems are awesome and have such great meanings!
The way you rhyme the words together are so nice :D!
Keep up the good work! Waiting for some more.


this poems really opened my heart a lot !
i can see that yoy have learnt lessons in your life and you are trying to teach them to us to.
really amazing !
❤ it


this poem really opened my heart a lot !
i can see that you have learnt lessons in your life and you are trying to teach them to us to.
really amazing !
❤ it


I really enjoyed reading your poems. Im very proud of you. I use to know you had a thing for a writing, but i never imagined you could put emotions in this! Truly amazed!


Really glad that most of you enjoyed my work! Thank you so much for these wonderful remarks. This encourages me to write more.


Amazing just like you ❤ keep it up 🙂


Wow! ur an amazing poet and u know how to describe thing in reality, in life.Brava! I hope i c more of ur poems soon.

Ur talented u should take more advantage of that.


Mimi I read it everyday, truly amazing,Don’t stop


You Go Girl!


You’re awesome, keep up the good work (:


yewrh poems are so amazing nd yewrh are so much more than amazing hun .. I really enjoyed reading them .. !!*

A7bch wayed mimi jay nd never stop writing tese gr8 poems ❤


Mashallaaa its great… Keep it up, enshala u will have an amazing future being a writer.. I rlly enjoyed reading it. Loveya


I’m lucky to have a sister like you maryam ❤
I cant wait until you do my projects and essays for me 😛


i LOVE this.
you have truly opened my eyes and made a huge difference in my life.<3
keep it up


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