Great Minds are Young

Talent in Wonderland

Posted on: April 28, 2011

13-year-old Raheed Allaf is a fanciful Saudi young lady, who has crafted her own peaceful, happy, imaginary perfect world, where she would spend hours creating better and prittier realities.

Let’s enjoy together two of her poems! (Check the link too)

Don’t give up yet_Raheed Allaf



She ran, she crawled, and she walked alone,

On glass that cracked, and heaved and groaned.

Those bitter lies and tales of hope,

So quick they turn your heart to stone.

A wish, a plea, a whisper in the night,

She looked up at the stars, and prayed for a sign.

Lost in the shadows, just a face in the crowd,

Invisible to all but him, and who would notice one small sin?


13 Responses to "Talent in Wonderland"

life is truly harsh and u express ur emotions into this poem ❤


there are times when life is harsh to us 😀
it makes us sad and want to give up
the way you express it is amazingly creative and i love it !!


Great poem! Cant wait for more


Amazing poem Raheed 🙂 Life is truly harsh and you expressed it in a really great and creative way !! Keep up the good work .. And I’m waiting for more from youu !!


i loved it raheed !! ❤ life can be rlly tough nd harsh sometimes but this poem makes u stop thinking of giving up 🙂


Wow! Raheed, u r a talented and beautiful girl who thinks of life in a completely different way and that is y u r so special.

The poem, i can c u r telling ur story this time and ur giving the others the advice that u have discovered through out ur journey.

i love that fact that u want dreams 2 b reality that is what makes u so positive. u r the kind of person who people would like to look up to.
i want 2 c more don’t ever stop.


raheed u really have a talent ,all your poems make sense and they’re all so amazing cant wait for more 🙂 keep it up sis


i love it its amazing i can easily relate to it gd job 🙂


Raheed ur a legend :O
Love how it rhymes & makes sense at the same time 😉


i love the poem it seriously took me to another land! 🙂


love it!


It reminds me of me wen I fight with my cousin I get soo sad anyway amazing poem raheed u rock


thats amazing! you’ve always been a talented person 😉


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