Great Minds are Young

Unexpectedly Everywhere…

Posted on: April 28, 2011

Raghad Al Redha is a 15-year-old ambitious and sensitive Emarati young lady. Like a lot of people she visits touristic places and takes as many beautiful pictures as possible. But unlike a lot others, she communicates with the places she visits and the photos she takes. They whisper to her their stories and songs…

Here’s a picture Raghad took last spring in Venice, and the story it whispered to her.

Serenity is Everywhere...

“Between damaged houses, shattered lives, broken dreams, and homeless citizens, there’s always a bright side! Serenity, calmness and peace don’t only belong to isolated lands far away from ACTION! They can be found anywhere, unexpectedly.”

9 Responses to "Unexpectedly Everywhere…"

Its beautiful ❤ i love the way you took the picture . ❤


it’s very beautiful !
There is always a bright side…


There is a bright side to everything, and I’m glad to know that you see it…


U r really talented in so many ways. Ur picture tells a beautiful story, one that every1 can relate 2. U should become a photographer when u grow up.

U c things other people can’t c, and that is what makes u so special. i can’t wait 4 ur next piece, i love it and the story is my favorite.


i really love the picture u have taken its beautiful ❤


The cup is always half full, and this is a wonderful demonstration of it


Inspiring .. And makes me wanna visit venice again 😉


wow, it’s amazing and very professional.


it’s so bright & fresh, specially the colors & the way you took it is BRILLIANT.


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