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With the help of a JazzGang!

Posted on: April 30, 2011

Hundreds of recent studies prove the positive effect music has on every aspect of our lives, from relaxation, to entertainment, to healing. Neuroscientists prove that “music has the potential to illuminate fundamental aspects of human brain function, including language, the active nature of perception, and the processing of complex sequences that unfold in time.”

I have personally experienced the greatness of music many times and on different levels. I actually started sharing this passion with my students almost daily. As we work together in class we listen to one of the great classical composers, or we get introduced to aย new kind of music and enjoy it together. One of the most enjoyable was a jazz format of Mozart’s music that was recorded in France in 1965ย ( Jazzgang Amadeus Mozart – Claude Bolling).ย The results were tremendously positive despite the doubts some of us had at the beginning. Music started to melt in the background of the classroom, and became a natural element in class that we would all miss if not present.

Now you would ask me about the tangible results of such a technique. Well, besides the great cultural value of music we all benefited from, lessons started being far more enjoyable, positive energy and creativity filled the air, tension was dissolved, communication was smoother, and focus increased, which made understanding the lesson much easier.

Of all the great roles music has played in my life, I mentioned a very special one, where it helped me create a comfortable atmosphere in all my classes and unleash the creativity of some special young people.

What roles has music played in your lives?


8 Responses to "With the help of a JazzGang!"

In my life, music is essential , it’s a passion…
A day can’t pass without listening to music, Whether happy or down, it makes me feel better anyway…
The melody knows my secrets,enters my heart and heals me if I am in pain, and if I am happy it dances with me.
And in my future career I’ll make sure that my best friend is there ๐Ÿ™‚


so true miss !!


I personally hated jazz !!! but i had never known the real jazz until i heard it in class with you .. well , now it’s clear for me that jazz is amazing-Music is amazing.. it controls your feelings .. !!
Sometimes they’re beautiful feelings sometimes they’re not ,, But the moment you play jazz in class .. a feeling of calmness just comes to me ,, sometimes i ignore it i think it’s obvious but it’s truly an amazing feeling !! ๐Ÿ™‚


This is really inspiring, and it opened my eyes to the truth and beauty of classical music.


I totally agree, music is extremely powerful and it is capable of controlling your feelings in so many ways..
I listen to different types of music in a day, because every song or melody has a different effect on me..
And i really never noticed how it never failed to make me concentrate, a smile formed on my face reading this article because I experience this everyday, especially in a special class


Seeing you enjoying music- any type of music – strengthens my belief that “music is for everyone”… All it takes to enjoy the beautiful world of music is to just open up your heart and mind and just accept it; only then it’ll fill you inside out and take you to a whole different world, to a whole different level ๐Ÿ™‚

Seeing your face enlightened and your eyes shining while enjoying and feeling music – any type of music – strengthens my belief that studying can be fun, studying can be creative, studying can be enjoyable and inspiring…

Seeing you appreciating music – any kind of music – just makes me HAPPY and PROUD ๐Ÿ™‚


it is funny how 1 song can change some1’s mood instantly. Music is the healing of everything whether it was inside ur heart or even outside.

so many kinds, so many personalities, so many feelings, so many moods in just i song.

There is no kind of passion like music cuz when u keep in touch with the music u keep in touch with ur heart.


This is beautifully said, and is pretty much very
inspirational, I believe music is essential in every
human kind..
And classical music, it just dances with your soul and gifts
you peace of mind ๐Ÿ™‚


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