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Are You Free?!

Posted on: May 5, 2011

Today while analyzing an excerpt of Nelson Mandela’s autobiography “Long Walk to Freedom”, and after discussing Mandela’s view of freedom, especially when he said that in jail he learned that his oppressors were not free, and they too needed to be liberated, I posed for a moment then asked my students, “Are you free?”. Of course by ‘free’ I did not have in mind any political context. The interesting thing was that, at the beginning, most of them spontaneously said yes. Well, their answer indicated two things. First, they feel comfortable and taken care of in their families and the country they live in (the UAE), which is a good sign. Second, they did not get my question! 😉
when I eliminated all external factors that may cause people to feel they lack freedom, and focused on behavioral conduct and desires, we all realized that no one of us was free!
We are all prisoners of our prejudgements, our greed, our jealousy, our desires, our envy, our selfishness, and a lot more!


2 Responses to "Are You Free?!"

No one is free! Not a single one of us, there is always something holding us back, selfishness, greed, disappointment, there is always something.

i might have found life and discovered what it really meant, but yet i am not free!
Yes! I am not selfish or full of greed, but i still have jealousy in me, many desires i want, but this is the beauty of life. Fighting for freedom.

We try so hard not being those things, but this is part of life and u can’t change that. U r fighting everyday to be free. Just put all tose things aside and u will be free!! 🙂 😛


Truee !


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  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: I would be a very flattered proud teacher!!! Thanks Elie and welcome home! 😉😊
  • Elie Abd: Today's my first visit to your blog, and by reading this very first post, I feel like I am home already. Few are the bloggers out there that can reall
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