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Cupid Outdid Himself!

Posted on: May 6, 2011

After the beautiful painting she shared with us, Hind Abdulmajeed would like to share another talent that highlights yet another sensitive and deep side of hers; poetry!

Enjoy 🙂

‘At Social House’


In the crowd they were alone,

The world just fell in their hands,

They didn’t care what the world would say,

And they followed their own demands,

With starts like eyes they spoke,

And a smile that was so sincere,

Apple cheek and a charming smile,

Almost had her in tear,

Somebody was calling him but he just couldn’t hear,

She walked by and a hi she said,

He replied but it wasn’t clear,

Their heartbeats could be heard,

From miles away at least,

Sincere and warm the love was, how could you not feel?

Cupid outdid himself this time,

Not even Eros could feel what they feel.


4 Responses to "Cupid Outdid Himself!"

Wow! What a beautiful poem this is. There is one of the most romantic stories in it.
I loved the fact u knew how to describe her love and how she felt, truly amazing.
Keep it up i want 2 c more PLEASE!


i really love this poem hind it really relates to how a lot of ppl feel, felt, and might feel one day 🙂 ❤ can't wait to read more


This poem is mazing Hind!! I can feel whatever u wrote!!
keep it UP ;D


Awww ..


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