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Posted on: May 10, 2011

On this very special and dear occasion; Mother’s Day, very special and extremely sensitive 13-year-old Kashmiri Rabia Nasir Mir was thinking about and feeling with kids and mothers left alone on this merry day. She wrote a poem for both kids who have no mothers and mothers left behind…



In this cruel world I live in …

By the hope of having a bond …

I come to a place where I have to give up …

The saying ‘dreams come true’ is only a cheer up…

The only one to hold your hand through sorrow…

Is the mother who bore you with all hope of tomorrow …

One smile is worth the world …

4 words “I love you mom” is worth more…


11 Responses to "Mothers"

every1 loves there mother cuz who can ask 4 a better hero than ur mother.
people who don’t have mothers always have someone that resembles a mother whether u don’t know it.
A mother is a mother, someone who cares 4 u, feeds u, loves u, all these things can resemble a mother.
Even my sister acts like my mother sometimes cuz she is older than i am and she cares 4 me toooooooooooooooooooo much, sometimes she can b over protective.


rabia i love it it’s really nice!! p.s. i wove yoo!! ❤


I love it ❤


Touchingg ..


aww thank alll of you that was soooo sweet….
nadine i wove you too


Really nice keep it up rabia


My Sisssss ❤


aww thanks nour and thanks hareem


Its touching how your poem revealed how grateful you are about having your mom beside you 🙂
Beautiful .


thankkk youuuuu 😀


Dear rabia
its an awosome poem keep it up, and hope to see more of your poems!! 🙂


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