Great Minds are Young

“This Generation is a Cluster of Glossy Stars”

Posted on: May 10, 2011

Melda Nasri, a 14 year-old Syrian young lady, like many other young minds of her age refuses the tag people nowadays have put on her generation, that is spoiled, overindulged, inactive and unambitious. But unlike many others, she decided to defend her generation in her own special way, and set a challenge for both sides, proving that “this generation is a cluster of glossy stars and bewitching diamonds”.



Endless Bewitching Diamonds

Sat I once on my rocking chair, thinking of who & how had

People thought & whom at had they stared.

US US they were staring at; “You’re all spoiled & sluggish,

You take that!” But HEY, considering it a little more

Demonstrates that we’re not as bad!

Everyone’s an exorbitant diamond I believe,

Maybe not Shakespeare or Einstein,

But everyone’s a glistening jewel and that’s a relief.

True, we yes change as time flows by, but

That doesn’t mean we’re spoiled, you are to deny.

And because our generation is not what you think,

This will be confirmed to you with just one small blink.


10 Responses to "“This Generation is a Cluster of Glossy Stars”"

Exactly !


Yep! We are the exorbitant diamonds that no one can afford buying!


YESSSS we r not spoiled or lazy but at the same time we r not Einstein or Shakespeare
Love u Melda


Of course Areej, but you see, you CAN be Shakespeare & Einstein in your own way!


Love you loads more Areej.


Every1 deserves 2 shine, yes maybe not like Shakespeare or Einstein, but what u don’t understand is if u work hard enough u will succeed, just like them.
People these days don’t try.
They stopped believing, and that is what makes u unnoticed.


I agree, people changed, they’re not the same. But I guess, someday, they will eventually regret what they had said, and we will prove it to everyone! Right Nada?


maybe, but really it is time 4 them to wake up, life is short u should enjoy it while u have it.


Liked it ya Shakespeare !!! well done Melda and keep it up …

Love U !


Beautifully said xx


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