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Studying is Boring!

Posted on: May 20, 2011

I was talking today to a friend about studying and the learning process in general. We started sharing experiences and thoughts, and we talked a lot about how boring and frustrating studying is. Then he said, “You know, I have lately discovered a very important thing, and it’s too bad it came late, not when I was at school. I discovered that studying is extremely boring; it is LEARNING that is fun!”

I totally agree. Think about it…


9 Responses to "Studying is Boring!"

I agree a lot cause learning is truly much easier and more fun than studying.


I agree with noor , learning is much more fun because you gain more knowledge . and its much more easier then studying ….


In fact, both words could have the same meaning if they both have “understanding” in common! Think about that too 😉


Hmm, does make sense… I’ll try to think that way


Studying is boring because we, as students, just want to get the grade, so the second we leave the examination room, all the information just flies out of our head.


It’s because of that, and also because of the inefficient learning technique too. Students should focus on learning, that is UNDERSTANDING the subject and not just swallowing the information and “ejecting” it!


Hmmm not sure but makes sence I’ll think :s


5alas no need to study for the english exam tomorrow law heek 😀


wow! i never thought of it this way. i will definitely try it.


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