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A New Beginning!

Posted on: May 22, 2011

Tomorrow is a big and very emotional day! It’s the end of a wonderful journey and the beginning of a hopefully special and fruitful one…

A journey throughout which I met a very special group of young ladies that was one of the most powerful sources of inspiration to me. A journey that was marked with a lot of special moments; a lot of ups and very little downs. A journey during which we all learned, talked, shared stories, played, laughed, danced, cried, yelled, created, and did all sorts of things together. But most importantly, a journey throughout which we pushed each other to the limits. A journey throughout which teacher and students brought the best out of each other…

It’s true that tomorrow is the end of the journey the way we’ve experienced it so far, but it is for sure the beginning of a new journey the way we shape it and the way we want it to be.

It’s true that I’ll miss a lot of our moments, but it is also true that we’ll create new memorable ones in a new different way.

It’s true that some people just sneak into your heart and it would be hard to grow apart from them, but it is also true that if they were in your heart they’re never away or apart…


6 Responses to "A New Beginning!"

i cried when you read it ❤ i love youu miss !


WE will definetly miss u Miss Chantallll rlly we had the best time with u and we learned sooo much from u WE LOVE YOUUUUUU


The journey never ends 😉 You are a great teacher that is loved by many, and you deserve this amount of love. Hope you have a wonderful life full with new bright faces and new experiences. Now matter how far, you’ll always be close 🙂 ❤


Ms.Chantal I will miss you a lot!!!
I was about to cry when you read it.
I hope I see you during summer vacation!!!
I love you miss!!!


it’s not a lie
it’s the truth
you are the best teacher ever
and you will always be the best
i love you miss
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤
🙂 😉


i will miss u soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mis chantal. Evan thou u are leaving ur heart and soul is still with us. i hope u have an adventures life that u can enjoy and finally spend time with ur kids. they r really lucky to have u as a mother and really u have made us feel like ur kids and we love u a lot. U r the best teacher and inspiration to all of us.


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  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: I would be a very flattered proud teacher!!! Thanks Elie and welcome home! 😉😊
  • Elie Abd: Today's my first visit to your blog, and by reading this very first post, I feel like I am home already. Few are the bloggers out there that can reall
  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: Thank you Areej! It means the world to me! keep in touch dear <3
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