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Time Management During Exams

Posted on: May 25, 2011

It breaks my heart to see a lot of students heavily crying after the exam because they missed some important questions and lost lots of marks due to lack of time. In most cases, teachers don’t understand them knowing for a fact that the exam is not too long and the time allocated to it is more than enough; which is completely true.

Problems of time management are common in exams but they can be easily overcome by following few tips:

  1. Try to control your anxiety eliminating all negative thoughts and lack of confidence.
  2. Read all the questions thoroughly trying to weigh the level of difficulty of each question.
  3.  Divide your time between the questions, giving yourself at least 10 minutes at the end to check your work.
  4.  Start by the easiest questions, then the average ones, to move at the end to the difficult exercises. Being able to solve some exercises boosts your self-confidence and helps you perform better and faster.
  5. If you find yourself stuck on one of the questions, just skip it and immediately move to the next one. Don’t waste your time panicking or over-thinking about something that you just cannot figure out.  Just let go, move on to the next question, and get back to it at the end if time permits.
  6. Have the complete answer in your head before you start writing.
  7. Work with a smile on your face. This will help you relax and feel better about the exam and yourself.
  8. Stay focused, keep controlling your stress and anxiety through positive thinking and breathing exercises, keep track of time without panicking, and try to remain smiling and relaxed.
  9. Most importantly, if for any reason you end up with one or two unsolved exercises, it’s ok to feel sad or disappointed for a little while. But what’s not ok is blaming it on the moon, crying, and ruining your day. Learn to accept flaws, learn from your mistakes, move on, and start preparing for the following exam with a lot of determination and positivity..

Good luck 🙂


4 Responses to "Time Management During Exams"

THANK YOUUU Ms. Chantal, you’re always there x

Well, its the correct thing to do, leaving the exercise you
don’t know behind and immediately moving to the next one.
But the thing about it, is that, you’ll start panicking because
you didn’t know it, & even though you’ve moved to a second
question you’ll keep thinking of that only question you didn’t solve
and this at points never really lets you fully concentrate on the next question, so eventually you’ll panic and mess that up too 😦 .


That’s only because you say so and are convinced so! You are underestimating the power of your brain, Saba! You just need to beleive it, work on it, and learn to let go, and then you’ll discover that it’s really easy to apply:)
Good Luck 😉


I don’t think like that. If I skip a question, I put a recognisable symbol next to the question so I now exactly where I can go back to and I also put a guess answer in, so if I can’t do that question, I at least have a chance at getting a mark. If its a Scantron test then that symbol will be a dot which I can rub out effortlessly at the last minute. This can be our little secret.


it is so hard 2 focus in exams. All the blood rushing to ur brain all the stress that won’t let go, all the confusion. Exams are so hard to handle, but i believe if we try to relax by the things we really love u can do better than u think.


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