Great Minds are Young


Posted on: May 30, 2011

13-year-old Iranian Shirin Al Ansari shares with us today one of her short poems that came from the heart. Poetry is Shirin’s safe haven where she expresses her feelings and thoughts, and flies far away to a fantasy world of her own.



I tell you I’m ok

I tell you I’m fine

But I’m just good at telling lies

I’ve said all my goodbyes

Now it’s time for me to fly

To a place far far away

Where I can scream and cry day by day

I will stay like this forever

This misery and pain will end never

5 Responses to "Lies…"

so true so many times ppl ask us how r u ? we always say fine but most of the time its fake most of the time we feel bad or in misery


Lol i agree


i love this poem !!!!!
it is soo pro!
keep it up!!


Nice poem


very beautifully put. u have made something that spoke to me and i love it. well done, i want 2 c more plz.


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