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It feels great to see young talents enthusiastic, passionate, and thoughtful. Hind Abdulmajeed proudly shares with us her latest creation, which she introduces and interprets as follows:

“This painting is about the subject of child abuse. It’s under the name of “Through a Child’s Eye.” the colors stand for the happiness and joy that should be there in a child’s memory about his childhood; and the black lines stand for the hands, people or power that is destroying all what childhood stands for. I hope you like it. Thank you.”

Thank you Hind for always sharing with us your passions, thoughts, and talents ūüôā


“I believe when you set your mind to do something, you can create something incredible.”¬† This is how Nada Al Dash introduced her beautiful painting!

Nada says, “I never knew how to draw a single animal, not even a bird or a fish. But after gaining faith in myself, I discovered that I can do anything as long as I believe in myself. I never had the biggest faith in myself, but now I am a new person, I am proud of myself for accomplishing something. I am happy to give it as a present for my older sister, for her new home after her marriage(…)
I am proud of what I’ve accomplished because this is not just a painting with a cute cat, this is my hope, faith, love, and accomplishment, and I am happy that I have gained faith in myself again.”

We’re proud of you too, Nada! Keep it up!


Imagine that, when you close your eyes and gaze into this vast dark space, you’re looking into your mind. Imagine that your memories, people, feelings, fears, and perhaps¬†your future¬†are addresses that you can visit. Try it, and wander around; it feels great! And see for yourself that when you look hard enough you will find a little special something that I call your goody bag. In this goody bag you will find your talent and a great sense of knowing what is important to you. In that goody bag you may find your happiness, so look hard, very hard. Keep doing it even if it takes you years because your happiness is worth it.

Enjoy that trip!

Camille Seaman_Iceberg

Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice (see link)

I was watching this beautiful presentation last night and would like to share it with you. I just love the way photographer Camille Seaman talks about and interprets icebergs. It is so inspiring, creative, and beautiful!


I’ve always argued that packing is the easiest part of any trip. Actually, I’ve never minded packing; it has always been fast, fun, and exciting; it’s unpacking that¬†I’ve hated most!

Not this time!

I’m actually packing to move back to my home country, which should be something extremely happy and exciting to do! However, the mixed feelings I’m having are taking over the excitement and leaving me with complete numbness and confusion. I’m leaving home to go home! I’m leaving work to go work. I’m leaving friends to meet friends. I’m leaving stability to live stability… True, but…

This time I find packing painful. This time I find packing extremely slow and hard. This time I¬†can’t wait to Unpack!!¬†It’s not because I’m eager to leave, not at all. It’s just because I’m eager to stop waiting and thinking of unknowns. It’s just because I’m eager to skip painful goodbyes and hard separations.¬†It’s just because I know that the moment I reach home all will be ok, all will be fine… And it’s just because¬†I ¬†know that the moment I reach home there will be no more waiting, and no more goodbyes…

I’m getting ready to leave home in order to move back home. I’m getting ready to wave goodbye to a good part of me in order to hug a better part of me! I’m getting ready!!! (for better sound quality)

In my opinion, one of the best written and most moving songs¬†from a father to a daughter is “A Ma Fille”¬†(To My¬†Daughter)¬†by Charles Aznavour. The¬†world-famous Armenian-French Singer wrote and released this most realistically and beautifully written song in 1964. This song¬†expresses in the best way what a father would feel as his daughter gets ready to get married! I saw every bit of it on my father’s face¬†as he was walking¬†me along the church aisle to give my hand to my husband-to-be 9 years ago. It was obviously¬†one of the hardest moments of his life!

I dedicate this beautiful song that I truly love¬†to my father, and to every father on earth…

For those who would like to listen to it in English, check this link too:

A Ma Fille

Je sais qu’un¬†jour viendra,
Car la vie le commande,
Ce jour que j’appr√©ende,
Ou tu nous quiterras,
Je sais qu’un¬†jour viendra
Ou triste et solitaire,
En soutenant ta mère,
Et en tra√ģnant mes pas,
Je rentrerai chez nous,
Dans un chez nous désert,
Je rentrerai chez nous,
Ou tu ne seras pas.
Toi tu ne verras rien,
Des choses de mon coeur,
Tes yeux seront crevés de joie,
Et de bonheur,
Et j’aurais¬†un rectus,
Que tu ne connais pas,
Qui semble être un sourire,
Emu, mais¬†ne l’est pas,
En taisant ma douleur,
A ton bras fièrement,
Je guiderais tes pas,
Quoi¬†que j’en¬†pense ou dise,
Dans le recueillement¬†d’une¬†paisible¬†√©glise,
Pour aller te donner¬†√† l’homme¬†de ton choix,
Qui te dévétira du nom qui est le notre,
Pour t’en¬†donner¬†un autre que tu ne connais pas,
Je sais qu’un¬†jour viendra,
Tu atteindras¬†cet¬†√Ęge,
Ou l’on force les cages,
Ayant trouvé sa voie,
Je sais qu’un¬†jour viendra,
Et l’aube de ta vie,
Ailleurs, se lèvera.
Et seul, avec ta mère,
Le jour comme la nuit,
L’√©t√©¬†comme l’hiver,
Nous aurons un peu froid.
Et lui¬†qui ne sait¬†rien¬†du mal qu’on¬†s’est¬†donn√©,
Lui, qui n’aura¬†rien¬†fait pour murrir¬†tes ann√©es,
Lui qui viendra voler,
Ce dont¬†j’ai¬†le plus peur,
Notre part de passé,
Notre part de bonheur.
Cet étranger sans nom, sans visage,
Oh combien je le hais,
Et pourtant,
S’il¬†doit de rendre¬†heureuse,
Je n’aurais¬†envers¬†lui¬†nulle¬†pens√©e¬†haineuse,
Mais je lui offrirais mon coeur avec ta main,
Je ferais¬†tout cela, en sachant¬†que tu l’aimes,
Simplement¬†car je¬†t’aime le jour,
Ou il viendra .

“A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.”¬† Unknown Author

Being a parent I totally understand and appreciate the beautiful meaning of this quote! It does mean the whole world to the parents, and namely the fathers, to know that their kids see and know and appreciate all they do for them, not because parents expect an appreciation of any kind, it’s just that their ultimate wish is that their kids would share with them the same kind of unconditional love.

My dad is a truly rich man! I hope my husband would be one too ūüôā


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