Great Minds are Young

Blossoming Brain

Posted on: June 5, 2011

Brain Diagram (see link)

I was searching my old documents this afternoon and I found this diagram that I drew almost 8 years ago while preparing for a model lesson at a university.

I remember I was reading back then Tony and Barry Buzan’s “mind map Dessine-moi l’intelligence“. It was my first official introduction to mind mapping, which helped me a great deal in developing my learning and teaching skills.  Buzan’s books confirmed my conviction that every human being is intelligent, every human mind is bright, and every human brain is capable of wonders, only if or when one learns how to use his/her intelligence.

The equation is very simple. There are seven faculties of the brain, of which a large number of people use only two! We all need to learn how to use all SEVEN faculties of our brain in order to unleash, among others, our receptive, productive, creative, and analytical skills.

It is a very simple illustration of a very interesting truth. Give it a thought…

2 Responses to "Blossoming Brain"

it is very funny bow the brain works. u forget, u remember, u think, u do. so many things that a brain does, it is really fascinating.


Wow! It’s really true! 😀


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