Great Minds are Young


Posted on: June 6, 2011

Niloufarosadat Tehrani is a 13-year-old Iranian young lady who makes every teacher proud. Shortly after moving to Dubai, Niloo became an A student in English because of her determination, hard work, and eagerness to learn and progress. Niloo wrote about one of her concerns and would like to share it with us.



The sound of the emergency alarm was heard another time
on that day. Everyone was looking for a safe haven.

After getting to a tight and dark shelter where they felt a
bit calm, they all started talking about the past peaceful days when the city
was green and alive, people used to love each other and everything was beautiful and happy… .

Oh! What if we return to that age? Till when this war
is going to continue? How long should such a great number of children, mothers,
fathers or so sacrifice their lives? How long?

If we appreciated peace, there wouldn’t have been any
wars. Peace, peace, what a beautiful word!

I wish the word PEACE, not WAR, could be heard everywhere
all the time.

Here I am pleading for a lasting peace for every nation, every
race and every religion.

12 Responses to "Peace"

What an amazing idea. You have out done your self. So proud of you, I wishni can c more. Hopefully it will b much better than this cuz this is incredible.


It is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I love it sooooooooooo much♥
I will be waiting 4 ur another amazing idea!!!


OMG…thx a lot u guys!!!
u encouraged me!!!!




Woow, Niloofar, my beautiful cousin, it is fascinating for the first piece. I hope this will not be the last one, you have the talent and heart; not everybody have both.


thx a lot!!!


My beautiful Niloofar, no surprise to me that you have such a great talent in writing. I absolutely adore you and so proud of you. I am definitely looking forward to your future work.


OMG…thank u!!!


wow and I mean WOW, what a beautiful piece… I am truly touched Niloo. Not only your teachers but also every human being is proud of such flawless words coming from a young lady who is hoping to see a better world from her innocent eyes.

Truly outstanding; Well done.


thanks 😀 i’m so glad that u liked it!!!!


u have a great future and i can truely see it !!! someday u can make iranian people proud !!! but remember never forget where u are form !!! really made me happy !!!


thx a lot Arian, and don’t worry cuz i shall never forget that i’m iranian and i’m so proud of my nationality!!!


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