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Just Love Yourself!

Posted on: June 8, 2011

I got a good advice from a good old friend the other day. When feeling down, when frustrated or disappointed, when things go really wrong and you hate what’s happening around you or to you, make sure you do something good for yourself; change something positively in you. Never surrender to bad mood, overeating, overreacting, depression or just carelessness; just focus on changing something in you to the better; just love yourself no matter what…

It really helps; it actually does wonders… Think about it…


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Like your post. Could you add some suggestions to give us a better idea? I need to work on the positive. Thanks! 🙂


Well, I won’t quote any book or any famous author, specialist or therapist; I’ll just share with you some of the things I’ve done and always do to overcome any hardship or difficulty I face, and they always work amazingly!!
The most important thing is that, no matter what you go through, never ever consider or treat yourself as a victim. Everything happens for a good reason and is a result of something you’ve done or a choice you’ve made. You shall never lose self-confidence or self-esteem, and never allow anyone whosoever to take them from you! Later on, when the hard times pass and you look back at them, you’ll understand the wisdom of that moment. Never ask WHY and wait for a prompt answer; you’d rather focus on HOW to overcome the situation instead.
When feeling down, change something positively instead of focusing on your problem. If you need to lose few pounds, start a healthy and balanced diet. You may also exercise, take long walks in the nature, paint, dance, sing, create, start a new activity, make a good deed, help someone, make someone smile, achieve a previously set goal, or anything that would distract you and make you feel better about yourself first and foremost. If you like yourself everything will be ok.
Another very important thing is to never take anything personal and never blame the world for what is happening with you. Deal with the situation as a temporary annoyance, accept it, work on it with an open heart and mind, and overcome it. It’s ok to feel pain, it’s ok to be angry and frustrated, it’s ok to revolt against something you disagree with or that hurts you, but it is not ok to victimize yourself and drown. Allow yourself to express your feelings for a moment, and then face your problem and try to be as realistic, rational, logical, and positive as possible.
Avoid prejudgments, ignore negative comments, dream of nice and happy moments, and focus on the relief and happiness that will follow, rather on the “annoyance” you’re living at the moment.
Never forget to say “it’s ok, I can deal with that”. Never forget to smile no matter what. Never forget to greet people around you with a big smile. Never forget to like yourself, and like the world around you!
Focus on what you need and not what you have. Focus on what you have rather than on what you don’t have. Never compare yourself to others; never compare your happiness and wellbeing to those of others. Never forget to thank God for every single thing you have. Be content and satisfied with what you have and work hard on making things better.
Whining, nagging, crying, blaming the moon and getting depressed can never make things better. Strong will, positiveness, optimism, contentment, open mind, and best of all smiling can always make things a thousand times better.
Unlike what most people think, I do believe that life is fair, easy and beautiful only if you believe so. The key to “positive” is in the reach of everyone; it’s a decision one makes…
Hope this would help 🙂


Very well said!! That’s the spirit, and most of all love yourself and others


i do love myself, not the kind of way that i am selfish, but the kind that believes she can do anything


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