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Why Wouldn’t You Just Like Me?

Posted on: June 11, 2011

After her beautiful painting, Saba Tavakoli would like to share with us today a story of a feeling that she experienced and believes a lot of us did too. Saba also put together a picture that best describes that feeling, but she says that it is not so much about the photo, but more about the story behind it.


“Today I heard news that I probably should’ve been happy about, but it left my stomach feeling heavy and my head feeling sick.

You know that kind of rage that stirs inside you and you fight back little stinging tears, and your hands shake as your mind screams that you’re not happy about it. It is actually terrible news to you, and it makes you angry. And it isn’t because of the direct situation at all; it is people’s reaction to it and you wish people “could’ve been that way to you too”. But they’re not, and instead they say anything to put you down and knock you back. And what do they gain from it; nothing but a false sense of security. No matter how many birthday cards you send them, no matter how many sentimental gifts you buy them or how many meals you cook for them, you will never be good enough. And I’m reaching the point where I’m giving up and it feels so good to be free and start letting go of someone who hurts my feelings so much. My main point really is just letting other people who feel this way know that they are not alone either. It’s about spreading hope and happiness to people who need it. Just cheer up and I quote “Don’t make those a priority, if to them you are just an option.””


8 Responses to "Why Wouldn’t You Just Like Me?"

thank u


thank u for sharing a really common feeling with us saba !
this is true, and thank u for being a shoulder and making the
ones who share with you this feeling feel better, like they’ve
never beeen alone and its never really only them !


-thank you Silviya for your beautiful comment :]
and yes its really not worthy being sad over anything,
we are worthy many things and no body is ever alone !


I can really relate 2 this.
It’s good hw somebody came out courageous
rlly talking about hw many people at points feel this way !
n just became a shoulder fr them
Thnk u Saba 🙂


-I’m happy you can, so you see, nobody is ever alone,
and we are all here to help each other :]
thank you


beautifully said, thank uuu


-thank you beautiful Lindsie (:


i completely agree. so beautifully put into words. great job.


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