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Taken For Granted?

Posted on: June 13, 2011

A lot of people feel taken for granted and it sure hurts a lot… But let’s think about it from a different perspective.

People taken for granted are mostly genuine, helpful, kind-hearted, reliable, trustworthy, and hardworking. They work hard, help and be there whenever needed, without seeking appreciation or credit; it’s just because this is who they are, and this is how they do things! Don’t they expect appreciation? Of course they do! Don’t they feel hurt and disappointed? Of course they do! But do they stop being who they are if not properly appreciated? Of course they don’t!

So, if you are taken for granted, never feel sorry for yourself. In fact, you should be proud of who you are and feel sorry for those taking you for granted!

Think about it…


4 Responses to "Taken For Granted?"

-this is really true, but sometimes, when such beautiful people
are taken for granted and feel disappointed, they give up and
are more encouraged, to change things about them and stop being who
they really are… 😦


yeah i agree with Saba , people who are taken for granted and do feel dissapointed , mostly give up 😦 and change who they are …. I’ve seen some people who have been taken for granted and its not pretty … 😦


Actually, in my opinion, if the person is genuinely good, and doesn’t do whatever he/she does because of some expected reward, appreciation or credit, but rather because it is who he/she really is, he/she can never give up. However, what people taken for granted should do, instead of giving up, is drawing some lines, and learning to say “no” when needed… They will always be who they really are, but they could change people’s way of dealing with them with a lot of assertiveness, and a big heart!


i never thought of it this way. Sometimes people take me for granted, but u know when ur doing something nice for others, it is a sign of how incredible u r and there is no shame for me being nice and helpful to others. I am happy being this way.


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