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Two years ago I stood very proud and happy before a group of extremely talented and creative young ladies, who worked really hard to create and organize one of the best performances on stage! That day, I saw them all sing, dance, act, laugh, scream, cheer, cry, support each other, and enjoy one of the best days ever. That day, they proved how responsible, disciplined, supportive and mature young people can be. That day featured one of the longest performances on stage in the history of the school; it was a full day program, in which 6 whole classes performed on stage and helped backstage. That day was an extremely special day; a beautiful memory I still hold tight in my heart. 

That day I was a proud teacher, a proud mother, and a proud friend! That day I wrote a letter from the heart to the hearts and minds of my dear students. I truly hope they still keep it in their hearts and minds…

I’m standing here today looking at all of you,

With a mixture of feelings; some happy and some blue,

Remembering all our moments, preciously held in the heart,

Knowing that wherever and how long you go, we’ll never be apart.


Of all the ups and downs and memories that we shared,

There are still a lot to do, a lot to keep, a lot to be declared,

When your eyes held tears and you couldn’t speak,

I was always near, ready to hold your hand and kiss your cheek.


Of all the lessons we’ve learned, few things I need you to hold tight,

Being SOMEBODY is a long way to go, you know that’s right!

Never give up, never let go, never take little, always aim high.

You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re special and nobody dares deny.


One more thing I need you to know, now that I’ve come to love you so,

If you ever miss your way, your light stops shining or your spirit was low,

Know that I’ll always be near, I’ll always seek to hear, and I’ll always help you go,

For you’ll always be in my heart and mind, treasured memories that’ll forever glow.


There is a common belief, among most of the people I know at least, that children are too young  to appreciate culture, especially when it comes to historical tourism, classical music, jazz, art, etc. Well, based on a personal experience, I totally disagree. Children appreciate whatever they get accustomed to.

As kids grow up, it is our responsibility, parents, teachers and people in charge, to shape their minds the healthiest way possible by exposing those young minds to Culture in all its aspects. The more natural and smooth the exposure is the more our kids embrace it, appreciate it and make it a part of their lives.

Children mustn’t at any point feel that it is an obligation or a punishment or something they have to do to impress other people. Children need to see their parents and people they trust appreciating and enjoying the cultural activities or moments they do or have together, so that they start appreciating them in their turns. Children need to understand and believe that culture nurtures their minds and souls and let them grow with brighter healthier minds.

Kids do enjoy and appreciate Culture in all its aspects if we, grown-ups, do! It just has to be smooth, effortless, natural, and fun. It just needs to be part of their everyday life, shared and appreciated by people they love and trust…

“Life ,even in the coldest places, can hold  the warmest hearts together and make them shine”

Young and determined, dreamy and ambitious, Zahra Akbarmolei went to north Iran where nature inspired her the most and came back with those beautiful shots to share with us.

Being positive and creative, Zahra could see warmth and light in the coldest of places. Beautiful job Zahra, keep it up 🙂

Rabia Nasir Mir is a 13-year-old very sensitive young lady who expresses her thoughts and feelings trough short free verse poems. Today, she’s sharing with us two major topics or thoughts that have been preoccupying her for some time: ‘Child labor’ and ‘Love’.


Child labor
Why am I born?
To serve?
To be enslaved?
To be free
To be me
Not to be… Child laborer

Love is an emotion
That needs no operation
That needs no commotion
You feel a state of exaltation
You get a retribution
Love is invincible
Rejoice when you get it
The imposter will not last long
And will be perished

It’s funny how cartoons greatly affect our lives! I personally am deeply touched by a lot of hilarious cartoons, which actually helps me overcome a lot of awkward, embarrassing or even painful situations! Well, depending on the situation itself, I see eyes bumping, jaws dropping, arms and legs stretching, figures smashed, bodies overrun or melting, faces weirdly shaped, people evaporating etc.
It’s really cool and extremely fun to create a cartoonish setting for every thing you’re experiencing or facing! It helps break the ice, feel comfortable, enjoy every moment and remain fun and positive no matter how hard things might get!
If you don’t have a cartoonish mind, you should probably start working on it! It’s super fun, trust me 😉

It’s a nice cool evening. I’m sitting on a swing in front of the sea looking at a bunch of kids dancing crazily and happily at the music of a wedding taking place in a nearby restaurant. Among those kids are my two boys! It’s actually the first time I see my older son dancing freely, confidently, and happily in the open air, and not caring about how many people would be watching or judging!

This scene certainly brings joy to my heart, but also makes me think of a very important point; what made my boy overcome his shyness and fear of judgement and dance so freely and enthusiastically in front of the whole compound, without even looking around to check if someone is actually looking at him? It is definitely not because he suddenly stopped caring about what others think of him. It is not because he wants to attract the attention of the people around him. It is not because he wants to impress someone around. It is not because he needs to prove anything whatsoever. In my opinion, it’s just because he feels extremely comfortable with the friends he’s dancing with. They haven’t been judgemental or picky; they are rather natural, supportive and caring. He’s not afraid to be made fun of, he’s not busy thinking how to impress, please, or fit in. In short, he trusts the people around him, and he feels free and happy!

Fear of judgement and eagerness to fit in destroy young souls and prevent them from enjoying the best of times. Kids need to truly trust people around them and feel supported and cared for, and they shall live freely, confidently, and happily ever after 😉


Purity, clarity, peace, innocence, kindness, loyal love, and a lot more beautiful meanings are associated to my favorite color, white.

Actually, I never really thought of its meanings; I like it because it just makes me feel comfortable and positive, and creates a sense of space around me.

Despite the fact that the psychology of colors demonstrates that dominant white generates a feeling of unfriendliness, emptiness and dullness, I do consider this beautiful color an essential component of a peaceful, positive, and creative life.




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