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Peer Pressure

Posted on: July 1, 2011

Peer pressure is a very common and serious phenomenon at all times. It affects a lot of kids and teens around the globe, each at a different level… We can preach all we want about it, but this issue needs more to be solved. It starts with a high level of self-esteem, a strong personality and a certain degree of independence…
I was searching the net this evening and came across two quotes that made me stop for a while and think… I thought I’d share them with you…
I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.
                                                                                                                                               —Bill Cosby
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                  —Oscar Wilde
Think about them…

1 Response to "Peer Pressure"

i have thought about it, and i agree, but the problem in our generation right now is that, people are trying their best to be perfect, or noticed, but it seems people have forgotten the main idea of what life is all about. You are noticed, it might not feel that way, but u r. Yes! U r not perfect, but that doesn’t mean u should give up on life. In some way u r a special person and i agree with miss Chantal, Bill Cosby and Oscar Wilde. They lived there lives not worrying about every wrong detail in their lives, and i am doing the same thing.


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  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: I would be a very flattered proud teacher!!! Thanks Elie and welcome home! 😉😊
  • Elie Abd: Today's my first visit to your blog, and by reading this very first post, I feel like I am home already. Few are the bloggers out there that can reall
  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: Thank you Areej! It means the world to me! keep in touch dear <3
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