Great Minds are Young

Thank you!

Posted on: July 2, 2011

Two simple and small words that are very easy to spell but so hard to say! It’s funny how most people feel no obligation to say thank you when they receive but force a thank you when they give. It’s funny how people take for granted what they get considering it a sacred right, and gratitude is seldom taken into their account.

I believe that gratitude gives peace of heart and true happiness and contentment; I wonder how ungrateful people can be truly happy and content.

Think about it…

2 Responses to "Thank you!"

I don’t really agree.
Thank you depends on how kind or grateful u r.
I always say thank you, sometimes for no reason at all.


By ‘Thank You’ I mean gratitude, that is being genuinely grateful and not just being polite and thanking people when they hand you stuff 🙂
Nada, I have no doubt that you are a very kind and grateful young lady 🙂


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