Great Minds are Young


Posted on: July 15, 2011


Purity, clarity, peace, innocence, kindness, loyal love, and a lot more beautiful meanings are associated to my favorite color, white.

Actually, I never really thought of its meanings; I like it because it just makes me feel comfortable and positive, and creates a sense of space around me.

Despite the fact that the psychology of colors demonstrates that dominant white generates a feeling of unfriendliness, emptiness and dullness, I do consider this beautiful color an essential component of a peaceful, positive, and creative life.



1 Response to "White…"

My favorite colors are purple, blue and white, but mainly purple. I don’t like it because of its color, but because when i am wearing it, or even if it was just around me, i feel comfortable and homey. Blue has a different story. Blue gives me a sense of peace and imagination. White, makes me feel loved by everyone and makes me feel pure inside.
i spend so much time trying to impress everyone else when i stopped and asked myself when will u try to impress urself and purple, blue and white seems to give me the answer. these colors bring out who i am, who i am ment to be.


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