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It’s been almost 3 long long years since I updated this blog! I, however, have been visiting it very frequently, reading all posts over and over again, remembering the great minds I had the chance to meet, teach, inspire and empower (hoping they still remember me), and fighting a growing desire to reactivate it.

In truth, I stopped writing here on purpose, and sometimes even thought of deactivating my blog, because its purpose existed no more. It was meant to celebrate the talents and skills of the great young minds I encountered when I was a teacher and lost contact with when I started my own business. It might not seem like a valid convincing reason, but this blog was never about me, it has always been about them… Without their input, their talents, their minds, and their creativity it will struggle to survive defeating its own purpose.

But despite all that, I was never able to shut it down! The emotional connection I have with it is particularly tremendous. When I’m here I feel like skimming through an old family album filled with great memories and beautiful people. Every time I talk about it or read its content I feel nostalgic, proud, happy but also sad. I miss it a lot, I miss the passion that drove me to start it, I miss the strong belief I had in the young minds, I miss the enthusiasm and creativity of those I taught and inspired me. I miss the great sense of achievement and pride I had when succeeding in making someone believe in his or her talent and potential, and eventually draw, snap, paint, write or develop something… I miss me 5 years ago.

Tonight, like a lot of other late nights at the office, I needed to disconnect from the corporate world, so I logged in here and started reading my favorite posts and visiting my students’ work. But unlike any other night, I felt an irresistible urge to write again and revive this space that has always been a safe peaceful haven to me. I felt like writing to all those I believed in and all those I will believe in. I felt like writing for myself, for them, and for nobody at all…

Tonight, I decided that I will keep visiting, start writing again and reconnect to an old me that, despite its big resemblance to the current me, fills me with a lot of peace, energy, determination and passion. All very much needed at the moment 😉

It feels great to be back… Good night, and see you soon!


There’s one thing that made me forget myself, filled me with enthusiasm and energy, and made every single effort worth the hard work; it’s being in class inspiring, and getting inspired! And I miss that one thing enormously 😦

I made a choice last year and I am not regretting it a bit. I am starting a new chapter full of new challenges and sought for achievements and success stories. But that doesn’t deny the fact that I was never greatly rewarded, and will probably never be, the way I was as a teacher (beside of course being a proud mother 😉 ).

Well, to tell the truth, I do not miss the long long hours of corrections, but I do miss reading the amazing stories and thoughts of those bright young minds. I do not miss the hectic working hours and the never-ending preparations, but I do miss all the interaction with my students, the workshops, the activities, the events, the projects, and all the crazy, funny, creative moments we shared. I do not miss correcting hundreds of quizzes and exams, but I greatly miss the proud shiny eyes, the big smiles and the Hoorrays of my students when they get good grades or they improve their average. I do not miss at all the disappointment and sadness of some who could not perform well (for it broke my heart), but I definitely miss their strong will to move on, their determination to work harder and ambition to achieve.

Well, there were definitely some bad days, but also a much greater number of good and wonderful days. I learned from the first and cherished the second, but currently miss both! I miss every student, every creative thought, every inspiring moment, every laugh, every smile, every morning hug, and most importantly, I miss the whole SPIRIT!!

In fact, there is no greater pleasure than seeing the eyes of my students shining! There’s no greater reward than a group of amazingly creative young minds interacting enthusiastically, and craving for more. There is no greater job than being a leader, a follower, and a partner at the same time.

I truly wish, and more positively hope, and optimistically know, that all teachers would focus on developing the great potential of the great young minds, rather than injecting information in their heads to be ‘ejected later upon request’!

Two years ago I stood very proud and happy before a group of extremely talented and creative young ladies, who worked really hard to create and organize one of the best performances on stage! That day, I saw them all sing, dance, act, laugh, scream, cheer, cry, support each other, and enjoy one of the best days ever. That day, they proved how responsible, disciplined, supportive and mature young people can be. That day featured one of the longest performances on stage in the history of the school; it was a full day program, in which 6 whole classes performed on stage and helped backstage. That day was an extremely special day; a beautiful memory I still hold tight in my heart. 

That day I was a proud teacher, a proud mother, and a proud friend! That day I wrote a letter from the heart to the hearts and minds of my dear students. I truly hope they still keep it in their hearts and minds…

I’m standing here today looking at all of you,

With a mixture of feelings; some happy and some blue,

Remembering all our moments, preciously held in the heart,

Knowing that wherever and how long you go, we’ll never be apart.


Of all the ups and downs and memories that we shared,

There are still a lot to do, a lot to keep, a lot to be declared,

When your eyes held tears and you couldn’t speak,

I was always near, ready to hold your hand and kiss your cheek.


Of all the lessons we’ve learned, few things I need you to hold tight,

Being SOMEBODY is a long way to go, you know that’s right!

Never give up, never let go, never take little, always aim high.

You’re beautiful, you’re smart, you’re special and nobody dares deny.


One more thing I need you to know, now that I’ve come to love you so,

If you ever miss your way, your light stops shining or your spirit was low,

Know that I’ll always be near, I’ll always seek to hear, and I’ll always help you go,

For you’ll always be in my heart and mind, treasured memories that’ll forever glow.

A lot of times I feel out of inspiration! I wonder what to write or what to say and find it hard to be creative, then I look around me and smile!
When I look around I realize that every single human being, plant, animal, scenery, natural element is a great source of inspiration. It is enough to just really look around, contemplate and open my heart and mind to start ‘receiving’!
We are never out of inspiration, we’re sometimes just not in the mood!

Brain Diagram (see link)

I was searching my old documents this afternoon and I found this diagram that I drew almost 8 years ago while preparing for a model lesson at a university.

I remember I was reading back then Tony and Barry Buzan’s “mind map Dessine-moi l’intelligence“. It was my first official introduction to mind mapping, which helped me a great deal in developing my learning and teaching skills.  Buzan’s books confirmed my conviction that every human being is intelligent, every human mind is bright, and every human brain is capable of wonders, only if or when one learns how to use his/her intelligence.

The equation is very simple. There are seven faculties of the brain, of which a large number of people use only two! We all need to learn how to use all SEVEN faculties of our brain in order to unleash, among others, our receptive, productive, creative, and analytical skills.

It is a very simple illustration of a very interesting truth. Give it a thought…

Martina Nutricato

Proud Teacher – Chapter 3

13-year-old Martina Nutricato is an extremely enthusiastic and passionate Italian young lady. She is an amazingly positive person whose eyes are always shining. She has a distinguished creative mind that gives everything around her a new dimension and a different meaning!


“All the works of man have their origin in creative fantasy. What right have we then to depreciate imagination?” (Carl Jung)

We only celebrate and completely live our human nature when we play, let go of our fears and constraints, and set our creative imagination free. Do you think suppressing our potential, questioning our abilities and disbelieving in ourselves is a fair payback to humanity?


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  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: I would be a very flattered proud teacher!!! Thanks Elie and welcome home! 😉😊
  • Elie Abd: Today's my first visit to your blog, and by reading this very first post, I feel like I am home already. Few are the bloggers out there that can reall
  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: Thank you Areej! It means the world to me! keep in touch dear <3
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