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There is quite a big difference between being successful and actually shining! As much as success is relative and at many instances subjective, shining can rarely be disputable and is mainly driven and caused by some magical qualities, namely passion, persistence, consistency, enthusiasm, empathy, and kindness …

Shining, in my opinion, is way beyond being just successful. Shining is inspirational, contagious, and energizing. Neither position, nor money, nor phony respect and obedience gained through power can define real success. In fact, true success keeps the person’s feet stiff on the ground yet agile when following an opportunity or a dream, his head in the sky yet humbly bent to the achievements of others, his eyes on the horizon yet vividly watching over his surrounding, and his heart as big as the world…

For me, no one can be successful in isolation from his surroundings. I can only be successful through the success of everyone around me, no matter my or their size, power or influence. Success can only be real when it makes its beholder and those surrounding him shine inside out!

In one of his amazing lectures, Benjamin Zander said “I have a definition of success. For me, it’s very simple. It’s not about wealth and fame and power. It’s about how many shining eyes I have around me”. I couldn’t agree more! I can only feel my worth as a mother, a teacher, a friend or a manager when the eyes of the people around me shine! And there is no way I could do that if my own eyes do not truly shine!


It’s my birthday and I have to make a wish…
I will close my eyes for a moment and wish from the bottom of my heart that time would go much slower… And No, it’s not a typical female wish… I am not afraid to grow older and have some wrinkles or lose my glow (if I had one anyway).

I want time to go slower for me to better enjoy and savor every moment with my kids and loved ones.

I need time to go slower to laugh, love, pray, give, share, apologize, cherish and appreciate more and more.

I want time to go slower to make up for every lost or missed opportunity, to dream more and achieve a lot more…

I wish time would go slower for me because I simply need more time to do my way all what I do…

Last night I dreamed of my late grandmother! She was living at my aunt’s house wearing a coat that made her invisible for the people that knew she was dead. Only my aunt knew she was always there and could talk to her and hug her and enjoy her company. When I knew she was there I was overwhelmed and hurried to see her. She opened the door for me but she didn’t look like herself. She looked young and her face was very different, but I felt it was her. I hugged her and kissed her real hard. It was a great feeling that filled me with peace and serenity. I then realized how much I missed her and missed her tenderness, support and wisdom!
I asked my aunt how come she was still there while she was supposed to be in heaven. She answered with a smile, “it is God’s will, why should I interfere or question? God knows when to keep her up, and when to send her as my angel to help me and watch over me. I love the fact that she’s still with me; I never feel alone or unprotected.”
I woke up later with a smile on my face and started praying. It was the first time I dream of a dead person or a ghost and don’t panic or freak out, but instead feel positive, protected and peaceful.
I wish my dream comes true and my beloved grandma would be my very special guardian angel that is always around watching over me. I wish that and I know and feel that her beautiful soul is always around watching over us all. I learned a lot from her and still learn every time I remember a word or an act of hers.
I love you sweetest grandma and I miss you tremendously! It’s been seven years since you left us, but you’ve always been in our hearts and minds an extremely vivid image that helped us move on, surmount a lot of difficulties and avoid a lot of mistakes. We all are better people because of you!
I love you and I truly miss you! Keep watching over me and my family 🙂

15-year-old Emarati Buthaina Galadari is confidently walking towards realizing her dreams and passions. One way of expressing her feelings, thoughts, and dreams is drawing. “Hidden in Dreams” is a beautiful portrayal by Buthaina, who was inspired by a picture of a woman she once saw. She calls it Hidden In Dreams “because of the blackness around the girl that looks like she is completely lost in thought…”


Here’s another contribution of Nada Al Dash. I personally liked a lot how her hand and the camera show in the iris! Nice Shot Nada 🙂

Let’s check together what Nada has to say about it.

“This is a picture called “The secret eye”. It is a picture I took of my eye. I took it because behind those eyes is a girl full of secrets. Behind those eyes lie all my hopes, dreams, and reality. Eyes always have a story to tell and this is mine. I am who I am! I love it, I am living it, and I have been dreaming about it. This is me, but who are you? Take a picture of your eye and you will discover many things about yourself you haven’t known yet….. Good Luck! :)”

After sharing with us two of her poems, Raheed Allaf shares with us today some of her interesting and inspiring thoughts, concerns, and advice.

Enjoy! 🙂

Fairytales can come true, in the 21st century too!
We all had those moments in front of a TV, hugging our legs with fluffy bunny slippers on, watching a Disney movie in awe. Looking at it wishing you could be that princess, living the adventure, meeting prince charming, and at last, living happily ever after… (check link below for full text)
Fairytales can come true_Raheed Allaf


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