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It’s funny how cartoons greatly affect our lives! I personally am deeply touched by a lot of hilarious cartoons, which actually helps me overcome a lot of awkward, embarrassing or even painful situations! Well, depending on the situation itself, I see eyes bumping, jaws dropping, arms and legs stretching, figures smashed, bodies overrun or melting, faces weirdly shaped, people evaporating etc.
It’s really cool and extremely fun to create a cartoonish setting for every thing you’re experiencing or facing! It helps break the ice, feel comfortable, enjoy every moment and remain fun and positive no matter how hard things might get!
If you don’t have a cartoonish mind, you should probably start working on it! It’s super fun, trust me 😉



Today was funny in a weird way! I had to substitute in grade 1! It was the first time I deal with 5 to 6-year-old kids in large numbers and at the same time!!! It’s true that my kids are almost in the same age, and I’ve experienced most of what I saw today, but the situation was way different, say 15 times more complicated 😀

The fun part of it was sharing nice stories and drawing about them! The kids showed a lot of talent and creativity! Their imagination was so wide, their spirit so pure, and their heart so innocent! All they needed as reward was a high-five, a smiley face, and a “Bravo” or “Amazing” or “Super cool” or the like.

The “weird” part of it sounded like this: “Miss, he pinched me in my arm” “He started, he pinched me first in the butt” ” Noooooo he did it” “Miss miss, tell them; they won’t give me the marker” “He didn’t ask for permission” “I asked but they don’t like me, NOBODY LIKES ME” “because he nags” “No because you are mean” “See why we don’t like him” “Miss miss can I go to the toilet; it’s urgent” “Miss I need to go to the nurse because my tooth will fall soon” “NOISE NOISE stop stop noise noise miss let them stop” “Miss can I write who’s talking on the board” ” I want I want” “Can I draw on the board” “See what I drew” “MIIIIISSSS tell him to stop!!” “Miss tell me, can I write who’s talking on the board” “Tell him to give me the blue marker” “Noise Noise miss tell them to stop” “Can I go to the nurse, he poked me” “He gave my friend a sticker and didn’t give me” “because you poked me” “that’s because you didn’t give me the sticker” “You started” “No you started”….

Well, the fun part of that weird part was that the above was just a part of only ONE conversation involving half of the class 😀

I was talking today to a friend about studying and the learning process in general. We started sharing experiences and thoughts, and we talked a lot about how boring and frustrating studying is. Then he said, “You know, I have lately discovered a very important thing, and it’s too bad it came late, not when I was at school. I discovered that studying is extremely boring; it is LEARNING that is fun!”

I totally agree. Think about it…


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  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: I would be a very flattered proud teacher!!! Thanks Elie and welcome home! 😉😊
  • Elie Abd: Today's my first visit to your blog, and by reading this very first post, I feel like I am home already. Few are the bloggers out there that can reall
  • Chantal Chahine Assaad: Thank you Areej! It means the world to me! keep in touch dear <3
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