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Interference in other’s business and personal life is an invasion of the other’s private space.

I Agree.

Watching someone drowning or ruining their life without being able to interfere is an invasion of all rules of humanity, compassion and care.

I Agree.

Tough dilemma!!

Respecting others’ “mature” decisions and freedom of making choices and embracing life the way they see it right is characteristic of any decent respectable human being, but it becomes a conscience burden when your ethics, beliefs, and principles contradict with those of the people you care about, and find no way to make a point or impose your opinion where, hypothetically, you have no right to do so. (Assuming you’re totally right, but anyway it wouldn’t be a dilemma if you were not 100% sure you were right (even if you’re not!!))

It is indeed extremely hard to find yourself helpless when you know you can help…


Being positive when facing a hard time or a problem of any kind is the number one goal some people (including me) may invest a lot of effort to achieve, in order to gain enough power and confidence to overcome hard situations. It is true that by nature people tend to victimize themselves and nag, nag and nag about almost everything, but keeping high hopes, remaining positive and wearing a smile (even if fake) seem to be the only way out!

I have absolutely no problem with that! I’ve done it many times and I can still do it!

But there always comes another major problem! People around you who, driven by unquestionable genuine love and care, would invest every effort they’ve got to ‘morally’ support you. They keep on trivializing the situation, telling you how you should overcome the hard time in meticulous details, reminding you how positive you should be, how strong you are, how inevitable your situation was, and how sure they are that you can do it, and blah blah blah yadi yadi yada till you start feeling pity for yourself and truly believe that you’re in a deep ***t!

Don’t get me wrong! Those people are much needed and appreciated. No one can rise fast without the support of his/her loved ones. If you felt left alone and not understood you’d feel more depressed and lacking energy to fight and defeat all obstacles…

But, despite the fact that women usually love and prefer moral support and appreciate ‘words’ a lot, and despite the fact that I am a woman whose emotions overwhelm her reason at many instances, I feel that it’s always better done than said. Highlighting a problem and boosting morale is good, but being truly there to help you lift the weight is way better and much more helpful.

Knowing that people understand you and feel sad and worried about you is nice and makes you feel loved and cared for, but doesn’t really help. What truly helps is to actually see hands, lots of them, around you lifting all the weight with you… That’s when, and only when, your fake smile would turn to a genuine smile, strengthening your will to keep positive and overcome all what’s bothering you.

What do you think?

Doctor Hawa Abdi and her daughters, Dr. Deqo Mohamed and Dr. Amina Mohamed are Somali doctors who challenged civil war, oppression, abuse, poverty and their own physical strength and ability to help those in need and create a community of peace amid the darkest and toughest conditions. Together they run a 90,000 people peaceful community, a local hospital and an elementary school!

Those three heroes are a live testament to the power of will, compassion, unconditional love, and “the warrior spirit of women”. Those three heroes are a symbol of hope and charity in a world full of darkness and hatred. Those three heroes undoubtedly deserved the title of Women of the Year 2010. These three heroes are very much needed nowadays and at all times, so let’s just hope we’ll have more and more of those candles to lighten the unsurmountable dark days of a lot around the world…

This link features Doctor Hawa Adbi and Dr. Deqo Mohamed discussing their medical clinic, school and camp in Somelia.

Enjoy and be inspired!

Mother and daughter doctor-heroes: Hawa Abdi + Deqo Mohamed (see link)

My heart is rejoicing, my hopes are high

Our youth is shining, the limit is the sky! 🙂

13-year-old half Emarati half Lebanese Maryam Al Qassimi is a wise, sensitive, and proud young lady, whose poetry expresses the depth of her thoughts and the maturity of her character.

This is how she proudly and confidently introduces herself: “I am thirteen years old. I’m half Lebanese half Emarati. Music is one of my passions since it has a poetic vibe that I truly admire. Writing is also my other passion. I started writing when I was about 11 years old. Today, writing poems is a hobby that I do daily. I am also an editor of the school magazine which is a great opportunity just like this one.”




Of all my years so far

I learned so much

To equalize all people

Or something as such

I learned other lessons

A lot, I can say

To respect and to give

And how special it is to forgive

Yes, I might seem wise

Even if I failed a thousand tries

Life can’t be a ready go

it can’t be perfect don’t you know?

I learned to never treat people with neglect

We should all treat them with respect

Young or old, we are all a part of humanity

And experience most of tragedy

Giving world

Can’t you see the love in their eyes?

When you have all you want

And yet they’re the ones with pride

Can’t you look deep inside your heart?

When you have everything

And their lives are falling apart

If you say we could make a change

Let’s make the change today

By helping people in each and every way


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