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It’s a nice cool evening. I’m sitting on a swing in front of the sea looking at a bunch of kids dancing crazily and happily at the music of a wedding taking place in a nearby restaurant. Among those kids are my two boys! It’s actually the first time I see my older son dancing freely, confidently, and happily in the open air, and not caring about how many people would be watching or judging!

This scene certainly brings joy to my heart, but also makes me think of a very important point; what made my boy overcome his shyness and fear of judgement and dance so freely and enthusiastically in front of the whole compound, without even looking around to check if someone is actually looking at him? It is definitely not because he suddenly stopped caring about what others think of him. It is not because he wants to attract the attention of the people around him. It is not because he wants to impress someone around. It is not because he needs to prove anything whatsoever. In my opinion, it’s just because he feels extremely comfortable with the friends he’s dancing with. They haven’t been judgemental or picky; they are rather natural, supportive and caring. He’s not afraid to be made fun of, he’s not busy thinking how to impress, please, or fit in. In short, he trusts the people around him, and he feels free and happy!

Fear of judgement and eagerness to fit in destroy young souls and prevent them from enjoying the best of times. Kids need to truly trust people around them and feel supported and cared for, and they shall live freely, confidently, and happily ever after 😉


“Never knew a child could be so inspiring…” This comment was posted by 13-year old Meera Baya’a, one of the smartest, most determined and most ambitious young ladies I’ve ever met! Meera, along with many of her classmates and schoolmates, was one of the greatest sources of inspiration for me when designing activities and projects, creating discussion topics, or even just interacting with students. When I read her comment I couldn’t help but smiling and recalling some of the most enjoyable and rich moments in class, when my students and I had some of the most interesting conversations, which, in my opinion, were much more interesting and inspiring than any lesson in the book.

Meera, there is no greater inspiration than a child! Children of all ages are pure, simple, honest, imaginative, curious, sensitive, inquisitive, free-minded, open-hearted, positive and a lot more… To me, children are a big challenge for my heart and mind; they always bring the best out of me!


Today was funny in a weird way! I had to substitute in grade 1! It was the first time I deal with 5 to 6-year-old kids in large numbers and at the same time!!! It’s true that my kids are almost in the same age, and I’ve experienced most of what I saw today, but the situation was way different, say 15 times more complicated 😀

The fun part of it was sharing nice stories and drawing about them! The kids showed a lot of talent and creativity! Their imagination was so wide, their spirit so pure, and their heart so innocent! All they needed as reward was a high-five, a smiley face, and a “Bravo” or “Amazing” or “Super cool” or the like.

The “weird” part of it sounded like this: “Miss, he pinched me in my arm” “He started, he pinched me first in the butt” ” Noooooo he did it” “Miss miss, tell them; they won’t give me the marker” “He didn’t ask for permission” “I asked but they don’t like me, NOBODY LIKES ME” “because he nags” “No because you are mean” “See why we don’t like him” “Miss miss can I go to the toilet; it’s urgent” “Miss I need to go to the nurse because my tooth will fall soon” “NOISE NOISE stop stop noise noise miss let them stop” “Miss can I write who’s talking on the board” ” I want I want” “Can I draw on the board” “See what I drew” “MIIIIISSSS tell him to stop!!” “Miss tell me, can I write who’s talking on the board” “Tell him to give me the blue marker” “Noise Noise miss tell them to stop” “Can I go to the nurse, he poked me” “He gave my friend a sticker and didn’t give me” “because you poked me” “that’s because you didn’t give me the sticker” “You started” “No you started”….

Well, the fun part of that weird part was that the above was just a part of only ONE conversation involving half of the class 😀

When asked to draw their families, kids usually draw silhouettes of different sizes, depending on the image of each member of their family in their eyes and minds. However, 6-year-old Lebanese Kera Assaad had something else in mind! Kera is an exceptionally smart, sensitive and creative little angel; she has her own magical world where love prevails and kindness reigns! Kera was able to think outside the box and draw her family the way she saw it, and not the way people would expect her to draw it. She drew from her heart the family closest to her heart!



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