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It’s been almost 3 long long years since I updated this blog! I, however, have been visiting it very frequently, reading all posts over and over again, remembering the great minds I had the chance to meet, teach, inspire and empower (hoping they still remember me), and fighting a growing desire to reactivate it.

In truth, I stopped writing here on purpose, and sometimes even thought of deactivating my blog, because its purpose existed no more. It was meant to celebrate the talents and skills of the great young minds I encountered when I was a teacher and lost contact with when I started my own business. It might not seem like a valid convincing reason, but this blog was never about me, it has always been about them… Without their input, their talents, their minds, and their creativity it will struggle to survive defeating its own purpose.

But despite all that, I was never able to shut it down! The emotional connection I have with it is particularly tremendous. When I’m here I feel like skimming through an old family album filled with great memories and beautiful people. Every time I talk about it or read its content I feel nostalgic, proud, happy but also sad. I miss it a lot, I miss the passion that drove me to start it, I miss the strong belief I had in the young minds, I miss the enthusiasm and creativity of those I taught and inspired me. I miss the great sense of achievement and pride I had when succeeding in making someone believe in his or her talent and potential, and eventually draw, snap, paint, write or develop something… I miss me 5 years ago.

Tonight, like a lot of other late nights at the office, I needed to disconnect from the corporate world, so I logged in here and started reading my favorite posts and visiting my students’ work. But unlike any other night, I felt an irresistible urge to write again and revive this space that has always been a safe peaceful haven to me. I felt like writing to all those I believed in and all those I will believe in. I felt like writing for myself, for them, and for nobody at all…

Tonight, I decided that I will keep visiting, start writing again and reconnect to an old me that, despite its big resemblance to the current me, fills me with a lot of peace, energy, determination and passion. All very much needed at the moment 😉

It feels great to be back… Good night, and see you soon!

Writing becomes a passionate addiction when you wholeheartedly practice it daily, a habit when you do it regularly, a sweet remedy if done occasionally, a homework if asked to be done, a skill if rarely practiced and finally a nostalgia when left behind!

After being one of my passionate addictions for quite a good time, I degraded writing to the position of “sweet remedy” and recourse I run to in most of my emotional states from desperate to heavenly joyful… The reason why I degraded it? Well, I “pretended” that I had no more time to write on a daily basis, but couldn’t help but running to it when in need to express an emotion whatsoever, for it had always been the best if not the only way I could freely and boldly express my feelings.

Once again the poor thing has been degraded and demotivated!!! It has become a nostalgia for a good month now! Why?! I don’t really have a good argument. It’s like when two people are in love but they decide to take a break for no reason whatsoever. They miss each other, they hurt, they feel nostalgic, yet they decide not to go back together! Silly, isn’t it??!!! All it takes is that one of them picks up the phone and calls the other or just shows up at the doorstep and the (irrational silly) agony shall end!

I shall pick up a pencil now!!

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