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“Life ,even in the coldest places, can hold  the warmest hearts together and make them shine”

Young and determined, dreamy and ambitious, Zahra Akbarmolei went to north Iran where nature inspired her the most and came back with those beautiful shots to share with us.

Being positive and creative, Zahra could see warmth and light in the coldest of places. Beautiful job Zahra, keep it up 🙂


Camille Seaman_Iceberg

Camille Seaman: Haunting photos of polar ice (see link)

I was watching this beautiful presentation last night and would like to share it with you. I just love the way photographer Camille Seaman talks about and interprets icebergs. It is so inspiring, creative, and beautiful!


Check out the contribution of 13-year-old Korean Jisoo Kim! With whatever was available for her, she did her best to share with us her own interpretation of “We Can Do It” poster.

Good job Jisoo, You could do it 😉

Here’s another contribution of Nada Al Dash. I personally liked a lot how her hand and the camera show in the iris! Nice Shot Nada 🙂

Let’s check together what Nada has to say about it.

“This is a picture called “The secret eye”. It is a picture I took of my eye. I took it because behind those eyes is a girl full of secrets. Behind those eyes lie all my hopes, dreams, and reality. Eyes always have a story to tell and this is mine. I am who I am! I love it, I am living it, and I have been dreaming about it. This is me, but who are you? Take a picture of your eye and you will discover many things about yourself you haven’t known yet….. Good Luck! :)” (Please check link for more pictures.)

Weaam Magdy Alaidi, a 13-year-old ambitious and passionate Egyptian young lady, is sharing with us today one of her African Adventures. Weaam was wowed and inspired by the beauty of Kenya, as well as by its diversity, culture and nature. Those are some of the memories she holds dear to her heart.


Rasha Al Masri_Mexican Countryside  (Please check the link for Rasha’s pictures)

14-year-old Rasha Masri is an exceptionally talented and creative sweet young lady. She is half Palestinian, half Mexican, and lives in Dubai. Rasha is one of a kind sweet heart who incessantly tries to make people around her happy, or at least draw a smile on their face. She is passionate about painting and photography, which clearly shows in her amazing work. 

Rasha would like to share with us some of her favorite pictures taken by her in the Mexican Countryside. Let’s see together what she has to say about photography:

“I love photography, and I’m mostly inspired in black and white; it tells me more about the picture and the scene, not only the colors. When I take a picture in colors I capture the colors of the scene, but once I take it in black and white, I capture the soul. These specific pictures (see link) were taken for a reason. The countryside of Mexico is where the real world is …. These pictures reflect more or less a bit of Mexico; it’s not only its tacos and salsas, but also its amazing natural, historical and cultural background which makes it one of a kind.
The water fall, the lake and the barrels are pieces of art that had to be captured in order for the memories to be kept…”


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