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What better way to relaunch my blog featuring young talents than celebratingĀ one of my own!

My 12-year-old son, Luca, is a passionate dreamy young man who sees and plays the world in a very special and unique way. Here’s a short video of him practicing two of his favorite pieces, played his very own way.


My two boys had their piano final exam 2 days ago. I was trying hard to make them feel relaxed and enjoy it using my special “supportive skills” šŸ˜‰ Well, it turned out at the end much easier and less complicated then I thought…

I have two totally different types of kids. The younger one rarely shows signs of stress about a test or performance; he always acts cool about it, he never mentions it except to know what his reward would be if he made it, and set some bargains šŸ™‚ On the other hand, the older one considers it a huge responsibility, worries a lot about his ‘image’,Ā stresses about it andĀ sometimes becomes irritable and emotional.

Two days before their performance, their keyboard wire broke by “magic” šŸ˜€ My husband andĀ I decidedĀ not toĀ replace it, and stopped mentioning the test.

The night before the exam I talked to them about the importance of being positive thinkers and having self-confidence. I told them I was very proud of them no matter what the results would be, andĀ that I was very sure they were going to pass their test very easily… Well, I tried to prepare them and help them overcome their stress and focus only on the rewards they would get when they pass. For my younger son it was very smooth and easy, for he did not seem that worried. For the older one, it needed some extra hugs…

Well, of course I would like to give my lectures and support all the credit for my boys’ greatĀ performanceĀ the following day, but it was not really the case! I mean it did help themĀ a great deal ;), but what did most of the job were two major things:

  1. Some extremely crazy moments they spent with their father, where they sang, listened to very loud music, yelled, laughed, jumped, joked around, etc. This helped them let go of all the stress, get distracted, and become much more relaxed.
  2. A very welcoming and smiley examiner. As they stepped inside the examination room, they could clearly seeĀ his big smile and feel his supportive and kind attitude, whichĀ relieved them and made them more comfortable discussing their performance and all the other related stuff.

Very simple things mayĀ help us release our tension, let go of our worries and stress, and perform much better. Most ofĀ the times a positive thought, aĀ smile, a songĀ or a dance could perfectly do the job!

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