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Doctor Hawa Abdi and her daughters, Dr. Deqo Mohamed and Dr. Amina Mohamed are Somali doctors who challenged civil war, oppression, abuse, poverty and their own physical strength and ability to help those in need and create a community of peace amid the darkest and toughest conditions. Together they run a 90,000 people peaceful community, a local hospital and an elementary school!

Those three heroes are a live testament to the power of will, compassion, unconditional love, and “the warrior spirit of women”. Those three heroes are a symbol of hope and charity in a world full of darkness and hatred. Those three heroes undoubtedly deserved the title of Women of the Year 2010. These three heroes are very much needed nowadays and at all times, so let’s just hope we’ll have more and more of those candles to lighten the unsurmountable dark days of a lot around the world…

This link features Doctor Hawa Adbi and Dr. Deqo Mohamed discussing their medical clinic, school and camp in Somelia.

Enjoy and be inspired!

Mother and daughter doctor-heroes: Hawa Abdi + Deqo Mohamed (see link)


I was talking today to a friend about studying and the learning process in general. We started sharing experiences and thoughts, and we talked a lot about how boring and frustrating studying is. Then he said, “You know, I have lately discovered a very important thing, and it’s too bad it came late, not when I was at school. I discovered that studying is extremely boring; it is LEARNING that is fun!”

I totally agree. Think about it…

No matter how we lecture, advise, guide, or try to convince, most students stress a lot before exams! What’s even worse is that they have unhealthy habits that worsen their stress and negatively affect their results. In many occasions, I discussed some of the following tips with my students, and those who applied them reported a great success 🙂

  • Organize yourself and manage your time in an effective way. Instead of worrying, and nagging about the loads you have to study, set a schedule and a time frame for yourself and try to follow them. 
  • Allow yourself some time to rest and relax. Having fun is not a sin during exams. On the contrary, it is extremely helpful, provided that you manage your time wisely. 
  • Never stay up late to study and wake up very early to revise. If tired, your brain will function slower and less effectively. You will become very irritable and clumsy, your  daytime alertness as well as your memory and ability to think and process information will considerably decrease.  
  • Never go to bed straight after studying; allow yourself  some time to unwind and allow your brain some time to shut down. If you close your books straight before you sleep, you don’t give enough time for your brain to calm down and you’ll be having nightmares related to studying, or in the best cases you won’t fall comfortably asleep; your eyes will be closed, but your brain will be working, which will be painful and annoying. 
  • Never go to school on an empty stomach. If you’re hungry you won’t have enough energy to work and your concentration will considerably drop. REMEMBER! Drinking only milk or tea in the morning is NOT having breakfast.
  • Wear comfortable clothes (in your case, your uniform;) ), get a jacket in case it was cold, and visit the washroom before you enter the examination room. You don’t need anything to distract you from focus without realizing it.
  • Deep breathe before you start your exam. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose, hold your breath and count to six, and then exhale slowly while counting to eight. When you deep breathe you lengthen and deepen the oxygen intake in your body, which nourishes all your body cells and helps you relax and get rid of your stress. It also helps you clear your mind and focus.
  • Be well prepared and confident. Panicking doesn’t help at all. If you don’t sleep well, you stress out and you lose your confidence you enter a vicious circle and you just add up more stress to your already stressed day!

Just BE PREPARED, TAKE IT EASY, and you’ll perform brilliantly 🙂

Good Luck Everyone 🙂


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