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Purity, clarity, peace, innocence, kindness, loyal love, and a lot more beautiful meanings are associated to my favorite color, white.

Actually, I never really thought of its meanings; I like it because it just makes me feel comfortable and positive, and creates a sense of space around me.

Despite the fact that the psychology of colors demonstrates that dominant white generates a feeling of unfriendliness, emptiness and dullness, I do consider this beautiful color an essential component of a peaceful, positive, and creative life.




After sharing with us her poetic talent, Nada Al Dash is sharing today he passion for drawing and painting. This is how Nada interprets her work:

“This is called Love, War, and Peace. It is about the fact that love and war can’t get along except with peace. If there is peace in life, love and war will be the best of friends; they can’t be combined without peace. Love is red, war is blue, the flowers are peace (yellow), and the white line is the separation. This is my image of love with war, and war with love, and peace with love and war. Hope u like it!”


Rasha Al Masri_Mexican Countryside  (Please check the link for Rasha’s pictures)

14-year-old Rasha Masri is an exceptionally talented and creative sweet young lady. She is half Palestinian, half Mexican, and lives in Dubai. Rasha is one of a kind sweet heart who incessantly tries to make people around her happy, or at least draw a smile on their face. She is passionate about painting and photography, which clearly shows in her amazing work. 

Rasha would like to share with us some of her favorite pictures taken by her in the Mexican Countryside. Let’s see together what she has to say about photography:

“I love photography, and I’m mostly inspired in black and white; it tells me more about the picture and the scene, not only the colors. When I take a picture in colors I capture the colors of the scene, but once I take it in black and white, I capture the soul. These specific pictures (see link) were taken for a reason. The countryside of Mexico is where the real world is …. These pictures reflect more or less a bit of Mexico; it’s not only its tacos and salsas, but also its amazing natural, historical and cultural background which makes it one of a kind.
The water fall, the lake and the barrels are pieces of art that had to be captured in order for the memories to be kept…”


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